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Our attorneys have delivered highly educational, interactive, and in-depth presentations on Asset Protection planning and frequently speak at national events focusing on the protection and preservation of personal wealth.

Our seminar presentations are designed to help attendees quickly understand the concepts of Asset Protection and begin implementing strategies independently the very next day.

With a focus on techniques to protect people and businesses from the constant threat of unsavory lawyers, aggressive creditors, foreclosure deficiencies, former or current spouses, children, relatives, and greedy lawsuit-obsessed citizens, we cover the following topics in our popular seminars:

  • Why your assets are in danger.
  • How to design an Asset Protection plan.
  • Due to the economy, why liability insurance is simply not enough anymore.
  • The 5 fatal mistakes to avoid.
  • How to safely and legally protect every asset you own, from everyone, every time.
  • The best Asset Protection tools and how to implement them immediately.
  • 8 keys to a good Asset Protection plan.
  • 3 maxims of Asset Protection.
  • Domestic vs. International Asset Protection.

Our seminars are highly interactive and involve role-playing and hands-on methods of dealing with specific potential threats, liabilities and creditors.

If you or someone you know is interested in having one of our attorneys present to a group,

please feel free to contact our marketing department:

Telephone: 1-800-999-9992



The best defense is a good offense.