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Planning Your Estate

We can help you integrate an Asset Protection plan with your present estate plan or—working with your estate advisor, create a comprehensive estate and Asset Protection program that will address every aspect of a long-term wealth protection strategy.

  • Only one in five Americans has a current will. Do you? Your will (or living trust) must be up to date or your assets could pass to unintended beneficiaries.
  • Your will and/or living trust must be reviewed annually. Your estate planning needs change as you age and so do your asset protection needs. A will that has become outdated can create more legal problems than your death without a will.
  • In addition to your will or living trust, a durable power of attorney should be in place for both healthcare and for your financial/legal affairs. By appointing an individual that can immediately represent you should you become incapacitated mitigates the risk of unintended asset distribution. A living will to indicate if you want your life artificially prolonged is also an essential requirement.

A knowledgeable estate planner is fundamental to any Asset Protection program. If you have a taxable or complex estate a skilled estate planner can prevent a fortune in estate taxes from being owed at your death. They can also provide perspective on many other ways to combine estate planning with Asset Protection.


The best defense is a good offense.