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Why You Need Asset Protection

Asset Protection provides you and your family a lifetime of security and the peace of mind of knowing that nobody can confiscate your assets, regardless of the legal or financial challenges you may encounter. In addition, a well-crafted Asset Protection plan will help you achieve other important objectives:

Discourage Legal Action

By demonstrating to a plaintiff or creditor that they cannot seize your wealth, many lawsuits are discouraged and quickly dropped, saving you tens of thousands of dollars on a costly defense. Lawsuits consume a great deal of time, effort and money to win and preventing even one lawsuit can pay for an Asset Protection program.

A potential plaintiff will consider the cost of litigation against the odds of winning and recovering a judgment based on the amount of exposed assets they can detect. If a lawyer determines that the chance of winning and recovering is minimal, they will likely pass on a court trial to mitigate cost and effort. Lawyers don't spend time on unproductive cases and if your plan is successful in minimizing exposed assets and demonstrating an impregnable fortress, a majority of challenges will be eliminated.

With quality protection, our clients are in a far stronger position to negotiate a fast, inexpensive settlement. By negotiating from strength when an opponent knows you have nothing to lose and they have little or nothing to gain from suing, a good defense lawyer will sell the idea that you are judgment-proof and that the plaintiff should settle their case for substantially less. Our goal is to help you avoid litigation and/or settle inexpensively and quickly without lengthy, time consuming and costly court battles.

Minimize Insurance Costs

With a well designed Asset Protection plan you will likely save substantial premiums on liability insurance. Asset Protection programs are not a substitute for liability insurance, however insurance can be very costly for high-risk professionals and business owners. Consequently, Asset Protection can supplement or replace insurance in certain circumstances.

Insurance is expensive and frequently attracts lawsuits. That being said, it is an invaluable component of any comprehensive risk management program. We frequently advise that clients make insurance their primary defense and Asset Protection a secondary safeguard. This practice will convince plaintiffs to settle within the policy limits and forego further claims by having assets well insulated.

Improve Financial Planning

A proper Asset Protection plan may also help reduce estate and income taxes, improve estate planning and possibly grow investments. Asset Protection is an essential component to any financial plan and can safeguard your assets and your peace of mind.

Judgment-Proofing your Wealth

The worst-case scenario in any legal challenge is that you are sued and lose. And statistics suggest that you will someday be sued. Good Asset Protection planning can safeguard your wealth against the inevitable lawsuit and will demonstrate its power if a plaintiff wins a judgment and has exhausted every collection attempt.

Because a judgment can be in effect for twenty or more years and can affect your credit rating, and because a plaintiff could conceivably force you into bankruptcy, judgment-proofing your wealth is an important component of Asset Protection and a strategic goal of our law firm.


The best defense is a good offense.