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Inheritance Disclaiming

If you anticipate a large inheritance and have a judgment creditor you can disclaim your inheritance, which passes the full amount to your next generation heirs. It is fully legal to disclaim gifts and inheritances and direct them to a child, spouse or any other designee by making sure of the following:

  • State your disclaimer in writing.
  • Do not accept any part of the inheritance or enjoy any benefits of ownership.
  • Disclaim the inheritance within nine months of the date of transfer or the date that a document creating the interest is formalized.

To protect your beneficiaries and insulate their inheritance from any creditors of the beneficiaries (as well as make sure that your bequest can still be enjoyed by the beneficiaries):

  • Form a domestic testamentary trust with spendthrift, anti-alienation, and discretionary provisions
  • Establish an international Asset Protection trust
  • Create a LLC or LP.


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