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Business Mortgaging

Debt-shielding a business is as vital as shielding personal assets because a mortgage against a business can be one of the most effective ways to combat business creditors. By encumbering a business with a friendly lender it is possible to foreclose on the business and sell back its assets in a new corporate entity and start fresh without debt or the threat of litigation.

A friendly mortgage also permits arms-length control of the business and the ability to constantly strategize of best practices to avoid any judgment collection. Foreclosure by a friendly lender and a sale back to the original owner can take place without cash because a new loan can be put in place to finance the transaction.

Selection of a friendly creditor is important and can include a relative that loaned money to start a business or a friendly (and trusted) supplier that can protect their client (and future interests) through a mortgaged security interest in the business. Entrepreneurs frequently establish Nevada corporations to act as a supplier to their own company because ownership of a Nevada corporation can be undetectable and/or in the name of an international company.


The best defense is a good offense.