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Below are some of our more recent radio interviews.

Jason Hartman

Listen to this internet radio interview regarding digital media.

George Jarkesy

Listen to the interview with George Jarkesy and Hillel Presser to learn more about Asset Protection and how to protect yourself in the event of a lawsuit.

Gary Exelby

Life Radiom, hosted by Gary Exelby, is an educational radio station, broadcasting Christian music and positive programming.

Frankie Boyer

Listen to another interview with Hillel Presser and Frankie Boyer on Digital Media.

Evan Gold and Deb Goldman

Evan Gold and Deb Goldman bring you the information for better living at any age. They speak with medical, financial and legal experts as well as authors from all over America. See below for info on the hosts.

Bruce Owens

Good Morning Hudson Valley, heard on Talk Radio 1260 WBNR and Talk Radio 1420 WLNA , is hosted by Bruce Owens.

Bob Gourley

"Issues Today" is a 30 minute weekly program addressing issues that affect all Americans. It is heard on over 140 stations across the US.

Bill Lusby

This host has been a mainstay in the Baltimore market for quite a few years and has a devoted following on his morning drive time show. He covers topics from business to politics and more.

Bill Lu Maye

The "Bill Lu Maye Show" airs weekday afternoons from 3pm – 7pm ET. Bill has a deep commitment to family, pride in country and belief in the freedom of expression, he is "Defender of the American Way!"

Barbara Dab

Barbara Dab has been a journalist for more than a decade.Her show Zone About Town airs on both 103.3 WKDF & 104.5 WGFX Sunday mornings.

Anne Eller

The name of this morning drive time show is the "I Love Anne Show". They talk with Hillel Presser on how important it is to protect your digital media.

Walt Shaw

Plan ahead for your digital afterlife with John Bolton and Hillel Presser.

Tracy Morgan

Listen to an interview on digital media protection on the show called "It's Your Turn" with Tracey Morgan.

Terry Lowry

The What's Up Radio Program with Terry Lowry is informing, encouraging, enlisting and uplifting!

Ronn Allen

Rob McConnell

The 'X' Zone is a late-night internationally syndicated radio / television / satellite internet talk show which deals with a variety of topics

Rich Johnson

Ms. Taylor Thomas

Let's Talk Money hosted by Taylor Thomas is a 30 minute program about all things money from making it, to the laws & rules that govern it.

Mike Woulfe

This is a top-rated, news talk station in the Miami, Florida market.

Marcus Smith and Mike Pond

Get your morning off to the right start with Marcus Smith and Mike Pond with the "Morning Team" as they discuss topics of interest on the BYU campus and around the world. Anything from news to history, sports to the arts, The Morning Show has got you covered. BYU Radio produces and airs good entertainment that is enjoyed by people from all over the world.

Larry Whitler

Kurt Gilchrist

The interview is on the highly rated afternoon drive-time news show with Kurt Gilchrist called "News and Information in the Afternoon"

Kristin Hagopian

The Kristen Hagopian Show – Live a Luxurious Life, for Less airs live Tuesday's on Greater Philadelphia's 1180 AM WFYL and is then rebroadcast Nationwide via Business Talk Radio Network on Wednesday nights. Kristen is also a Personal Finance Author, Columnist & Motivational Speaker.

Kelley and Casandra

"Kelley and Cassandra, LIVE" airs on the new 1380 The Woman out of St. Louis. 1380 The Woman, is the first and only all woman/ all talk radio station in the region and possibly the country. "Kelley and Cassandra, LIVE" is a must-stop spot where celebrities love to talk and listeners pay attention.

John Bolton

Plan ahead for your digital afterlife with John Bolton and Hillel Presser.

Jim Brown

This radio talk show is heard coast-to-coast and even has listeners outside the United States. The host Jim Brown was elected in 1980 as Louisiana's Secretary of State, and wrote major legislation to update the state's election laws. More info below.

Jim Blastingame

Jeff Lemucchi

Jeff Lemucchi is the News Director at KERN Radio, and in addition to giving the morning news he hosts "THE KERN KORNER" which runs as a public affairs feature the same evening it is taped as well as on Monday and Tuesday of next week. KERN-AM is located in Bakersfield, CA.

Radio Online with Rochelle Alhadeff & Pam Grey

Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff are two women who have been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt. Now they’re sharing their own brand of funny, inspiring and life-changing insights on their live radio show and on talk radio online.

Radio Interview with Micheal Stein

Mike Stein discusses today’s financial problems and opportunities. You get his expertise and that of his professional guests from the financial world.

Tron in the Morning

Host, Tron Simpson, interviewsThe Presser Law Firm, P.A. on How to How To Start Protecting Your Assets In 2013. Tron Simpson has been at KCMN in Colorado Springs for 20 years.

Gabriel Wisdom

    Gabe Wisdom draws from a wealth of experience to give his listeners expert financial advice that anyone can relate to and benefit from.

    Business for Breakfast with Ken Morgan and Julie Dougherty

    Included are constant market reports, skyview traffic every ten minutes, valuable information on commodities and intriguing interviews with business and market newsmakers. The program also features segments with Two Guys and Your Money.

    Gary Goldberg

    Gary Goldberg has provided listeners with unique insights and information to help guide them through the complex choices they face regarding their own money matters.

    Health, Wealth, and Wisdom

    Deb Goldman and Evan Gold talk to us about how to protect assets in 2013 – broadcasted on Health, Wealth, and Wisdom hosted by Deb Goldman & Evan Gold

    The Rudd Report

    Mr. Rudd is a 40-year veteran of Wall Street, whose experience encompasses portfolio management, investment research and analysis, investor relations and communications as well as being a nationally recognized Wall Street newspaper columnist.

    Business for Breakfast

    Ken Morgan gives you constant market reports, and intriguing interviews with business and market newsmakers.

    People, Money Life

    Learn how to protect your assets in the event of another hurricane, storm or other major disaster. This show, hosted by Ms. Taylor Thomas, relates to news and information that relates to every day lives.

    Wink Wake Up Show

    Join The Presser Law Firm, P.A. and Jenna Clay as we talk about how to be prepared for the next natural disaster. Great interview with useful tips on how to proactively protect yourself in the event of a natural disaster.

    Experience Pros Network

    Hosts Angel & Eric, from the show -- Experience Pros Network -- ask provacative questions regarding the topic, "Knowledge Is Power; How Much Power Do Your Employees have?" Every business owner should hear this interview!

    Asset Protection Interview with Attorney Hillel L. Presser, Esq., MBA

    Attorney Mr. Presser answers many great questions regarding Asset Protection.

    Business for Breakast

    Listen to this interview with Ken Morgan on how to keep your assets safe if another natural disaster were to happen. This is a must listen interview!

    The Small Business Advocate Show

    Jim Blasingame, host on The Small Business Advocate Show, interviews Asset Protection Attorneys. "The Small Business Advocate Show" is where entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs, can find ideas, answers, encouragement, and inspiration to help them have the maximum opportunity to be successful.

    Talk Business 360 - Airlines Interview

    Delta, American Airlines and U.S. Airways interviewed The Presser Law Firm, P.A. regarding Asset Protection. The interview will air on all international and domestic flights starting November 1. Make sure to listen to our radio if your flying for the holidays and/or click below to listen to the interview here!

    Armstrong Williams - Sirius Radio

    Armstrong Williams, Founder & CEO of the Graham Williams Group (GWG), writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column and hosts a nationally syndicated television and radio show. He talks to Asset Protection Attorneys about how you can protect your business!

    AM Ocala Live with Larry Witler and Robin MacBlane

    AM Ocala focuses on local and state politics, news, events, health care and legal issues.

    Tron Simpson

    Listen to this high energy interview with a high energy host. You'll hear brief chats with well-known authors and entertainers on Tron's morning show! This is definately a great and informative listen!

    Senior Voice America with hosts Evan Gold and Deb Goldman

    Senior Voice America brings professionals and other experts from around the Bay and around the Country to enlighten their listeners on a variety of topics.

    The Frankie Boyer Show

    The Frankie Boyer Show is nationally syndicated and covers entertainment and general topics from finance to health.

    Live Line with Dr. Rus Jeffrey

    On Live Line, Dr Rus provides in-depth coverage of key stories in your hometown. Dr. Rus chats with both State and federal governmental leaders, along with many other important local government officials, top selling authors and a twice monthly show dedicated to health.

    Issues Today with Bob Gourley

    Issues today is a 30 minute weekly program addressing issues that affect all Americans.

    Bill Lusby

    Bill Lusby covers topics from politics to health and more on his morning radio talk show.

    The Poppoff with Mary Jane Popp

    The Poppoff is a fast-paced magazine radio show. Mary Jane Popp has interviewed top celebrities and is known for getting to the story behind the fascade.

    Armstrong Williams

    Armstrong Williams is a pugnacious, provocative and principled voice for conservative and christian values. Armstrong Williams writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column and hosts a nationally syndicated television and radio show. He is called "one of the most recongnizable conversative voices in America."

      Life Matters with Larry Bofman

      Life Matters with Larry Bofman is an advocacy show for the public. On his show, Larry has expert guests come and share their insight and information on issues and current events not commonly discussed in the mainstream media.

      Issues With Walt Shaw

      Issues With Walt Shaw covers topics from health to business to politics and is aired in the Sacramento area. Walt asks very good questions on Asset Protection in this interview.


      The best defense is a good offense.