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Protect your money with Financial Self-Defense

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What good is a pocket if it has a hole in it? It is with this idea in mind that Hillel L. Presser, Esq. wrote Financial Self-Defense. Financial Self-Defense takes a look at your money from a perspective you may not have considered – From the idea of how to protect yourself from losing it. The book is now available in a revised edition.

Pick up a copy for yourself online at Brookline Press, LLC. Or, stop by your local St. Louis area library and ask for them to make it available on their shelves.

You probably have worked very hard to make the money you have. You may have followed all the advice from those who claim to know how to invest your money. However, what happens if someone comes along to claim you legally owe them a portion or all of the money you have worked so hard to attain? Do you have a plan to protect yourself from losing the money you have spent your life working to acquire?

The book also offers advice about local banking. Is it wise, for instance, to bank at a St. Louis area bank if you also have your car loan with that bank? Is local the best, or should you put your money into a bank located elsewhere?

The author is an attorney who has represented many in regard to their finances. He knows the law and wants to help you understand how to avoid common mistakes that leave an otherwise wealthy person penniless. He explains how to best protect your money from the threat of lawsuits, bad investments, or blatant mismanagement.

You won’t even finish reading the first chapter before gaining the impression that the author knows what he is talking about. Yet, the book is written in a format that is easy to understand. The author addresses how to protect your money from law suits, bankruptcy, creditors and financial loss that often comes with divorce. You may like to think none of these things could ever happen to you, but the reality is that it could.

Learn how to protect your finances. Financial Self-Defense is a wonderful guide book to lead you in the direction that fits your financial needs.

Please note that Brookline Press will send a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review with no additional compensation granted. The above is 100% the opinion of the St. Louis Frugal Living Examiner.