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Celebrity Entrepreneur Turns Passion for Asset Protection into Gold

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Hillel Presser is a true believer in the power of ambition. Presser was raised in Rochester, NY. Originally a major in entrepreneurship, he completed his undergraduate degree at Syracuse University. He then returned to South Florida to complete his law degree from Nova. Presser (J.D. ’05) states that his Nova experience was a positive one, and says “I always try my best to hire my employees from Nova.”

Presser relates that his Nova education put him in a service-centric mindset of “how can I make money for that person?” and the value in perseverance. Following law school, Presser gained experience with the state attorney’s office and was a felony prosecutor in jury trials. Soon he opened his own law firm, Hillel L. Presser and Associates, and taught himself asset protection.

It was then that he met the person that would become his next mentor. Over the course of a year, Presser worked tirelessly to bring in asset protection cases, and then asked to work at the firm. At first, he was told there were no openings. Presser persisted, stating “give me three months; if I’m not the best, I’ll leave. “

Presser’s resolve eventually yielded success; the two founded a firm, providing asset protection, legal and business counsel, business turnaround, and estate planning. Today, known as The Presser Law Firm, P.A, the company represents individuals and businesses in connection with the establishment of comprehensive Asset Protection plans that incorporate both domestic and international components. Presser also founded an organization as an opportunity for other attorneys to help each other, and to advance and network in the industry.

A prolific author, Presser has authored several books and articles on Asset Protection and Law. These include but are not limited to: Financial Self – Defense, Financial Self – Defense (Revised Edition), Asset Protection Secrets, Asset Protection in Financially Unsafe Times (foreword), and Captive Insurance Companies (foreword). He is already more than half way through his new book on lawyer marketing. He has been featured in such publications as Forbes, Sports Illustrated, The Robb Report, the Houston Chronicle, and the Los Angeles Times.

Presser is also an entrepreneur extraordinaire. In 2007, Presser partnered with fellow Nova alumnus Bradford Cohen (J.D. ’97) to open His lawyer marketing company will officially be launched at some point in 2012. The company will focus on helping lawyers get both additional and better quality clients by thinking “outside of the box, but inside of the law.” He is also involved in several real estate ventures. Presser says, “I don’t ever see myself retiring.”

Always keeping busy, Presser has taught Business Law at Lynn University to both Graduate and Undergraduate. He has been going nights to get his MBA, and will receive it this year. He is recognizable from one of his many appearances on such radio and television stations as FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS, as well as season three of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker.

Given his profession, it is not surprising that Presser represents many professional athletes, and celebrities. His dedication to client service gives his practice what he considers not only a competitive advantage, but a different approach. “Most lawyers want to take clients’ money; my job is to protect it.”


The best defense is a good offense.